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Urban outfitters is ripping me off with the help of a party named ‘Bambam’. This is taken from my original work tryypyzoyd. I’m furious. PLEASE SHARE TO HELP.

I will respond in the post to any inquiries: I emailed them and I’m waiting to hear back.

Thanks so much to anyone who reblogs this post. I will follow you if you reblog.

Rosey #rose #copicsketch #markers #masomenos #MoColón



Joan Crawford in Possessed (1931)

82 years later and it’s still relevant



Sticky Fingaz and 2pac.

That’s definitely Q from Moesha.

Someone needs to research Sticky Fingaz, not all lightskin niggas is the same person. 

Fredro Starr. How you post this & not know who’s in the pic?! Lmao





Look at how disgusted he is by the very notion that she could touch his hair too without permission

Pay close attention folks.

VERY close attention folks.

This is the nature of everyone else vs. black people’s hair summed up in two gifs.

You touch ours willy-fucking nilly but are repulsed when someone DARES to invade your precious boundaries. I see you double standard, I fucking see you. 

I fucking love how she laid it all out without saying a thing.

Again for reasons




This is exactly how I feel when I talk to White people about race, racism, privilege, etc…It’s exhausting and confounding at the same damn time.

"Maybe black people aren’t interested in my job." …….::Flips the table and walks out::

I just can’t…